• Dried cherries contain coumarins Coumarin, a chemical compound found in many plants, plays a big part in the normalization of blood clotting. Coumarins prevent the occurrence of blood clots, thus, reducing the risks of strokes and heart attacks.
  • One of the benefits of dried cherries is that they are sleep aids. According to the agricultural research studies, cherries are one of the only natural food source of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.
  • One of the benefits of dried cherries is that they contain high levels of pectin that lowers the level of LDL or bad cholesterol. Every 1% reduction of cholesterol lowers the risk of heart disease by 2%.
  • Cherries are rich in vitamin A Vitamin A supports new cell growth and aids in wound healing after injury. It nourishes your skin and makes your vision healthy.
  • Regular consumption of cherries during meals and snacks may help lessen joint pain.


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